All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Roy, Jean Miller William Gallacher
Roy, unknown Harvey Du Cros daughter of John Roy
Royds, unknown Edward Greene daughter of Reverend C Royds
Rubens, unknown John Nation widow of Captain Walter Rubens
Rubenstein, Nancy Samuel Silverman daughter of L. Rubenstein, of Liverpool
Rubery, Jeanette Christine Peter Griffiths
Ruddock, Keith Joan Ruddock died 1996
Rudinger, unknown Hugh Gray daughter of Paul Rudinger
Rudolf, Audrey Patrick Gordon Walker daughter of Norman Rudolf, of Jamaica
Rule, unknown Samuel Evans daughter of Charles Rule
Rumbold, John Angela Rumbold
Rumney, Florence John Lonsdale died 1937 daughter of William Rumney
Runciman, Walter Hilda Runciman 1870-1949 son of Sir Walter Runciman; himself later an MP
Rundall, unknown Herbert Craig daughter of Colonel FM Rundall
Runge, Margaret Phyllis John McAllion, Niall Macpherson died 1979 daughter of J.J. Runge and Norah Hasluck (Norah Runge MP)
Runge, J.J. Norah Runge died 1935
Rush, Maria Theresa James Taylor daughter of George Rush, of Ellenham Hall, Northamptonshire
Rush, Angela Peter Trew daughter of Kenneth Rush
Rush, unknown Henry Baillie daughter of George Rush
Rushout, Pamela Blanche George Douglas-Pennant died 1869 daughter of Sir Charles Rushout, Bart