All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Riddle, Joyce Fergus Montgomery daughter of George Riddle, of Jarrow
Riddle Tinn, Harriet Rita Joseph Mallalieu
Rideal, unknown John Grace daughter of Samuel Rideal JP
Ridealgh, Leonard Mabel Ridealgh
Ridehalge, Mary Grenville Howard
Ridley, Hon. Grace Wolmer died 1959 daughter of 1st Viscount Ridley
Ridley, unknown Owen Paterson daughter of Nicholas Ridley MP
Ridsdale, Lucy Stanley Baldwin died 1945 daughter of E.L.J. Ridsdale
Rigby, unknown John Murray daughter of William Rigby, of Oldfield Hall, Cheshire
Rigby, Katharine George Rickards daughter of William Rigby, of Bowdon, Cheshire
Rigby, Lily Arthur Haworth daughter of John Rigby
Rigby, Susan Francis Taylor daughter of Edward Rigby, doctor, of London
Riley, unknown Knox Cunningham daughter of Edwin Riley
Riley, Freda Mary David Hardman
Riley, Oliver William Allen
Riley, Sara Wood Gordon Hewart died 1933 daughter of J. Hacking Riley, of Bury
Riley, Mrs Elsa Lilian Hector Hughes
Rimington, Harriet Thomas Knox daughter of Jame Rimington, of Bromhead Hall, Yorkshire
Ringer, unknown Harry Bullard daughter of T Ringer
Ritchie, Eleanor Needham Vernon Bartlett