All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Ritchie, unknown William Alexander daughter of John Ritchie
Ritchie, May David Robertson daughter of Robert Weir Ritchie, of Prestwick, Ayrshire
Robb, unknown Andrew Horner daughter of John Robb
Roberti, Carla Peter Thorneycroft daughter of Count Malagola Cappi, of Ravenna, Italy
Roberts, unknown Somerset Maxwell daughter of Captain Marshall O Roberts
Roberts, Ida Maud William Reynolds 1927 daughter of Joseph Roberts, of Leicester
Roberts, unknown Frederick Llewellyn-Jones daughter of Edward Roberts
Roberts, unknown James Rust daughter of Colonel Roberts
Roberts, Emily Charles Jesson
Roberts, unknown Frederick Laverack daughter of Robert Roberts
Roberts, unknown William Davison daughter of Sir Owen Roberts
Roberts, Gill Chris Ruane
Roberts, unknown Thomas Napier daughter of AT Roberts
Roberts, Beatrice Charles Simmons died 1972 daughter of Matthew Roberts
Roberts, unknown John Allen daughter of David Henry Roberts
Robertson, Angela Margaret Robert Rhodes James daughter of R.M. Robertson
Robertson, Esmé Leonard Ropner daughter of Bruce Robertson
Robins, unknown John Henderson Thomas Francis Robins
Robins, Dorothea Veronica Alfred Williams daughter of Colonel W.H. Carver, widow of Major F.F. Robins
Robins, Anne Samuel Holland died 1877 daughter of Josiah Robins, of Aston, Birmingham