Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Winterton, unknown Horace Mansfield daughter of Alderman Winterton
Winterton, Nicholas Ann Winterton 1938- son of Norman Winterton; himself an MP
Wise, John Audrey Wise
Wise, unknown Clement Brocklebank daughter of Arthur John Wise
Wise, Elizabeth Thomas Wrightson daughter of Samuel Wise, of Ripon
Wiseman, Marise Geoffrey Rhodes
Wislon, unknown Keir Hardie daughter of Duncan Wislon, a collier
Withington, Joan Hendrie Oakshott daughter of Marsden Withington
Wodehouse, Lucy Edmond Wodehouse daughter of Reverend Philip Wodehouse; his cousin
Wodehouse, Emily Jane William Legh daughter of Reverend Charles Nourse Wodehouse, Canon of Norwich
Wolfe, Dorothy Travers Lynn Ungoed-Thomas daughter of Jasper Travers Wolfe, of County Cork
Wolfe, Maria Charles Royle daughter of Oliver Wolfe
Wolfe, Mary Jane William Findlater
Wollaston, unknown Douglas Clifton Brown daughter of FEA Wollaston
Wombwell, Julia Georgiana Sarah Vesey Dawson died 1938 daughter of Sir George Orby Wombwell, Bart
Wood, unknown Laurence Hardy JG Wood
Wood, Agnes Charles Warton daughter of Lieutenant G.H. Wood
Wood, Evelyn Mary Frank Hilder died 1939 daughter of Lieut-Colonel G. Wilding Wood
Wood, Kate Daniel Chater died 1939
Wood, Agnes Henry Fulford