Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Anstruther, Emily William Vansittart died 1844 daughter of Major Anstruther
Anthony, Greta Cory Frederick Skinnard
Applebe, unknown Charles Hanson daughter of James Applebe
Appleton (Bowen), Carmen Somerset De Chair
Appleyard, Marion Roy Hughes daughter of John Appleyard, of Scarborough
Apsley, Viscount Apsley 1895-1942 son of 7th Earl Bathurst; himself an MP
Arandall, Hilda Francis Maclean, Alex Lyon
Arber, unknown Richard Clitherow daughter of John Arber and Mrs Florence Disc
Arbouirn, Annie Helen Robert Sharman-Crawford daughter of Ernest Arbouirn, of Cuckfield
Arbuthnot, Mrs Thelma Grace de Chair Jocelyn Lucas daughter of Harold Dennison Arbuthnot
Arbuthnot, Marcia Emma Georgiana William Cholmondeley daughter of Charles Arbuthnot
Arbuthnot, Thelma Somerset De Chair
Arbuthnot, unknown John Kennaway daughter of Archibald F Arbuthnot, gdaughter of 1st Visc Gough
Archdale, Ciceley Lawrence John Lumley Ronaldshay died 1973 daughter of Colonel Mervyn Archdale (an MP?)
Archer, Harriet Anthony O'Flaherty daughter of Major-General Archer
Archer, Catherine Robert Slaney widow of T. Archer, of Mount John, County Wicklow
Archer, Olive John Jones
Archer, Margaret John Redmond daughter of Dr Nicholas Archer
Archer, Edith Lilian Thomas Murray
Archibald, unknown Edward Lyons, Neil Maclean daughter of George Archibald