All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Pakenham, unknown Edmund Hayes daughter of Hon. H. Pakenham
Palk, unknown Horace Seymour daughter of Sir L. Palk, Bart
Palliser, unknown Ralph Hudson daughter of G Palliser
Palmer, unknown Clarendon Hyde daughter of Reverend Canon George Thomas Palmer
Palmer, Agnes Peter Bennett daughter of Joseph Palmer
Palmer, unknown Thomas Gisborne sister of Charles Fysche Palmer
Palmer, Isabel George Woodwark daughter of Hunter Palmer
Palmer, Emily Frances James Tomkinson died 1905 daughter of Sir George Hudson Palmer, Bart, of Wanlip Hall, Leicester
Palmer, unknown John Horner daughter of Geoffrey Palmer
Palmer-Morewood, Georgiana Millicent Samuel Allsopp daughter of Charles Rowland Palmer-Morewood, of Alfreton Hall, Derbyshire
Pannell, Gladys Mary Edward Redhead daughter of James William Pannell
Panter, Gertrude Alfred Waterson daughter of Jesse Panter, of Derby
Panton, unknown Frank Gray HJ Panton
Pardoe, unknown John Allix daughter of J. Pardoe
Pare, Charlotte Cecilia Henry Wilmot daughter of Reverend Frederick Pare
Parish, Blanche Marion Ughtred Shuttleworth daughter of Sir Woodbine Parish, of St Leonards-on-Sea
Parish, Hope Mary Woodbine Soames Charles Rhys daughter of C.W. Parish
Park, Marjorie Ann James Wilson daughter of William Park, of Belhevie
Park, Marion William Findlater
Park, Barbara Robert Torrens daughter of Alexander Park, of Selkirk; widow of A. Anson