All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Parke, Cecilia Matthew Ridley daughter of 1st Baron Wensleydale
Parke, Mary Charles Howard died 1843 daughter of Sir James Parke
Parke, Charlotte Alice William Lowther daughter of Sir James Parke (1st Baron Wensleydale)
Parker, Beryl Herbert Hughes
Parker, Hon. Gwendolen George Schuster daughter of Baron Parker of Waddington
Parker, unknown William Bridgeman daughter of Hon. Cecil Parker
Parker, unknown William Gelder daughter of Thomas Parker
Parker, unknown daughter of Frederick Parker
Parker, Mary Dennis Skinner daughter of James Parker
Parkes, unknown William Bowdler daughter of GW Parkes
Parkes, Christabel Denis Shipwright died 1929 daughter of Henry Parkes
Parkes, Ann Ian McCartney née Kevan
Parkinson, Emma Maria Charles Trueman daughter of William Parkinson, of Studham Grove, Hertfordshire
Parkinson, Elsie Malcolm Stoddart-Scott died 1992
Parks, unknown John Barran daughter of Reverend Leighton Parks
Parks, unknown Arthur Holbrook daughter of Alexander Parks
Parks, Lucille d'Oyen Tom Iremonger daughter of Basil Parks
Parkyns, Emily William Dowdeswell daughter of Sir Thomas G.A. Parkyns, Bart
Parlby, unknown Patrick O'Brien daughter of Commander Parlby, R.N., widow of Lieut-General James Perry
Parminter, unknown Patrick Brady daughter of John Douglas Parminter