All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Roe, James Kenneth Marion Roe
Rogers, Audrey Alfred Williams died 1943 daughter of C. Rogers, of Stanage Park, Radnorshire
Rogerson, unknown Kenneth Balfour daughter of C Rogerson
Rokeby, Hon. Harriet Lydia Montagu Lionel Dawson-Damer daughter of 2nd Baron Rokeby
Rolleston, Charlotte Frances Edward Heneage daughter of Launcelot Rolleston
Rolleston, Caroline Jane Richard Levinge daughter of Colonel Lancelot Rolleston, of Watnall Hall, Nottinghamshire
Rolls, Georgina Emily Thomas Chester-Master daughter of John Etherington Welch Rolls, of Hendre, Monmouthshire
Rolo, Molly Samuel Segal daughter of Robert Rolo, of Alexandria
Rome, unknown Hubert Carr-Gomm daughter of W Rome
Romer, unknown daughter of Colonel Romer
Romily, unknown Thomas Kennedy daughter of Sir Samuel Romily
Rondebush, Mrs R Neville Jodrell
Rooney, Susannah Thomas Mayne daughter of Patrick Rooney, of Dublin
Rooper, Georgiana William Knox daughter of John Bonfoy Rooper, of Ripton Hall, Huntingdonshire
Ropner, Pamela Thomas Stuttaford daughter of Colonel Richard Ropner
Roscoe, unknown Charles Mallet daughter of Sir HE Roscoe
Rose, unknown Horace Mansfield daughter of Reverend W Rose
Rose, Isabella Robert Collier daughter of William Rose, of Wolston Heath, Warwickshire
Roskell, Elizabeth Emilia James Reynolds daughter of Nicholas Roskell
Ross, Isabella Gamble Auckland Geddes daughter of W.A. Ross, of Staten Island, New York