All Spouses

Name Spouse of Dates Notes
Robinson, unknown Joseph Hood daughter of Archibald Robinson JP
Robinson, Elizabeth Rosemary Nicholas Scott daughter of Robert Robinson
Robinson, unknown John Arkwright daughter of Stephen Robinson
Robinson, unknown Albert Blackburn Gerald Robinson
Robinson, unknown Alfred Bonwick daughter of Major W Robinson
Robinson, Rose Matilda Aubrey Beauclerk daughter of Joshua Robinson
Robinson, Annie Gerald Brunskill
Robinson, Margaret Helen Rolf Williams daughter of F.F. Robinson
Robinson, Peter Iris Robinson 1948- son of David McCrea Robinson; himself later an MP
Robinson, unknown John Marriott daughter of Reverend WP Robinson
Robinson, unknown James Joicey daughter of Joseph Robinson JP
Robinson, Edith Mary George Mathers
Robinson, unknown Frederick Kellaway daughter of Henry Robinson JP
Robley, Annie Bonar Law died 1909 daughter of Harrington Robley, of Glasgow
Robson, Elizabeth Cooper Rawson daughter of J. Robson
Roche, Hon. Mary Anthony Berry daughter of 4th Baron Fermoy
Roche, unknown Harry Greer daughter of Lowis Roche
Roche, Patrick Barbara Roche
Rodd, unknown Stephen Gaselee daughter of Vice-Admiral Sir John Tremayne Rodd
Rodney, Louisa John Lennox daughter of Hon. John Rodney